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Every morning Aftenposten brings updated news to 547.000 readers. The newspaper has wide editorial coverage within foreign and domestic news, sports, culture, finance, recruitment and weekend magazine every Friday (A-magazine).
During the week Aftenposten has special sections with extra focus on specific topics.
Aftenposten covers all the main news with correspondents around the world to cover every day life and events in other countries.
Most of the readers are in the age group 30-60 and 50/50 men and women. They have income above average, university degree and live in the greater Oslo area.
The readers that live in other parts of the country are mainly executives and business leaders.
As advertiser you reach a very attractive target group!

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Aftenposten’s evening edition brings local news to 333.000 readers. This is where our readers keep themselves updated on the local market and Oslo news.
Men and women, highly educated and living in the greater Oslo area. Most of our readers have also a high media consumption (read more than one newspaper every day and use internet on a daily basis).